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Outdoor WPC Hollow Flooring

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Our innovative and unique WPC formulation consists of 3 main composition listed below


Wood fiber

50 %


38 %


12 %


Delivery time:

2-3 weeks

Production capacity:

400.000 m2 per year


Support mold, color, lenght customization

Test Result(S) Test Method(s)
Density 1.33 g/cm3 ASTM D792-00
Moisture Content 0.2% ASTM D7031-11 Section 5.15
ASTM D4442-16 Method B
Screw withdrawal test 3353N ASTM D7032-17 Section .5
ASTM D1761-12
Impact Resistance >133J ASTM D4495-16
Specific Gravity 1.31 ASTM D7031-11 Section 5.14
ASTM D792-13 Method A
Shore Hardness D/70/1 ASTM D2240-15
Shore Hardness D/70/1 ASTM D2240-15
Shore Hardness D/70/1 ASTM D2240-15
Mouldproof level 0 ASTM G 21-15
Formaldehyde Emission 0.02 ppm ASTM D6007-14
Soluble heavy metal ND ASTM F963- 16 (Clause 8.3)
Fire-Proof Level Bf1 EN ISO 9239-1:2010
EN ISO 11925-2:2010+AC:2011